I am trying hard to make this page of marketing resources of really high quality marketing resources, and that means that I’ve tested them all and I have either used every single one of the marketing resources myself or that I am currently using them. And it also means that I will continue to update this page with more marketing resources on a weekly basis.


When I first started out marketing, I was set out to do it without spending any money at all. I was only going to use free stuff as my marketing resources. I was looking for free domains, free hosting, and all the free marketing resources I could find. That was it. But, I soon came to realize that I was going to regret this decision. I’m not sure, but I don’t think that I made it more than one month before I bought my first product as part of my arsenal of marketing resources.

The list you see below is not just paid products, but it’s marketing resources I highly recommend that you start using, and books you should read. You don’t need all the marketing resources, and remember I’ll keep updating this page on a weekly basis.

Marketing resources and what to expect

I haven’t added a category for paid and free marketing resources, but I’ll be describing if the marketing resources are free or paid in the text. I find it easier to find the right marketing resources if I add them into categories based on what type of marketing resources they are:


  • CommentLuv Premium – This is a must of you’re serious about blogging and it’s one of my favorite marketing resources. You don’t have to buy it when you first start out, but you’ll need it sooner or later. What it does is help you get comments and grow your network and promote your blog posts (via social media and other blogs). With it, people who comment can leave a link to one of their posts along with their comment.
  • Genesis Framework – This is the framework and design I am currently using on all my blogs and all my projects. It’s fast, and it has all the SEO features, and it’s easy to use. The designs are just brilliant.
  • OptinSkin – Create beautiful optin forms on your blog.
  • SEO Pressor – probably the easiest way to do on-page SEO on your blog.
  • Vault Press – I use this service to backup my blog and keep it secure from everything that can happen. I have had so many problems with malware and hackers. So, I decided that I just had to do something to keep my blog safe.
  • Woo Themes – not as cheap as Elegant Themes, but even more spectacular. I was using Woo Themes for slymarketing after Elegant Themes. But then I discovered Genesis.
  • WPSubscribers – the best list-building plugin


I have written a book called Fuzzy. You can buy it on Amazon (for the Kindle). It’s fiction and it shows you the elements of storytelling and how you can implement it to your marketing.

Here are some other books that I recommend:

Discussion Forums

Email Subscriptions & Marketing


  • HostGator – I have tried several hosting companies, but I finally ended up switching to HostGator. I’m currently using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and that’s just what I need. Their prices are low and their customer service is the best in the industry.

Keyword Research

  • Long Tail Pro – I use Long Tail Pro for all my keyword research and it’s probably one of the marketing resources I have been using most lately. I have tested tools like Market Samurai, but to me, Long Tail Pro is way better. It’s so easy to use, and I can use it for multiple languages (like Norwegian) and it’s very easy to compare ranks and competitor analysis and to find the keywords I’m looking for.

Outsourcing Work

Social Media

  • TweetAdder – I have been using TweetAdder for a long time, and to me, this is a software that I highly recommend if you’re serious about Twitter. It’s very powerful, and you can automate many tasks that would have taken you hours every single day. There’s a free trial available.
  • PageModo – If you’re creating a Facebook Page for your business, you need an awesome landing page, and various tabs, like contact information, integrated Google Maps, and coupon codes etc.. With PageModo you get some awesome features, and it’s very easy to use. It’s point and click, and edit, and you’ll create professional looking Facebook Pages.

Testing Results

  • Google Analytics – free statistics from Google. I’ve been using it for years.
  • Clicky – I use this every single day to spy on my visitors. AWESOME.

Free marketing resources

I’ll be adding free marketing resources that I am currently using.