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Marketing Outside the Box

Marketing outside the box is about doing something brand new, it’s about appearance and in the end it’s all about fun.

Usually when we talk about thinking outside the box, we talk about thinking differently or from a new perspective, and we also think of it as smart thinking.

Usually when we talk about marketing, we talk about a process, a strategy to enhance sales.

Let’s combine the two.

When we do, what do we get?

I believe we get three things, and I’m going to explain them to you by using three videos.

Turn old into new

The marketing is about doing something new. If people have witnessed exactly what you do before, you’re not marketing outside the box. I’m not saying what you do need to be spectacular or very clever, but it should be brand new.

Look at this guy, he’s the beatboxing flute inspector.

This is outside the box, right now, but not tomorrow.

Work on your appearance

Marketing outside the box is about doing the same stuff, but in a different way. You don’t have to do it a lot different, as long as it’s different enough. Think appearance. The same product, but if it appears in a different way, people will look at it in a different way.

Look at this guy, he’s the bodybuilder doing the robot dance.

It’s actually all about having fun

Whatever you do, marketing should be fun, it should be fun to watch or it should be fun to do. If you create something people think is fun, you’re most likely marketing outside the box.

Look at this, will more people use the stairs if it was fun? (hint: you need sound for this one)

It’s not just about being unique

It helps if you’re unique. It helps if you’re doing something nobody else is doing. But it’s not enough.

Think about it. Is it really that hard to be unique?

13 responses to “Marketing Outside the Box”

  1. You talk about having fun and being unique Jens. And although both are absolutely accurate, marketing with a ‘fun’ approach is unique within itself. I think sometimes we all take stuff so seriously that we forget, as you’ve well pointed out, that we should be smiling while we’re doing it, and others should be smiling while they’rewatching it. It really is that simple.

    Great read bud.


    • That’s right. Fun is important, no matter what we’re doing, and if we don’t consider what we do fun, our customers won’t think of it that way either 🙂

      If we look at things that go viral, I’m sure that close to 100% are stuff that are fun.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Marcus.

  2. Elise M says:

    OH MY GOSH, I would just die to walk on those piano stairs! Amazing!

    Excellent, I’m all about thinking outside the box. 🙂

    It’s not all that hard to be unique, in my opinion. It just takes being unusual. A lot of people associate the word “unusual” with being a bad thing. I think it’s a GLORIOUS thing. 🙂

    Thanks Jens, I really enjoyed this article and the videos.

    • Me too, the stairs looks like a lot of fun. Why don’t they make everything as much fun as this. I just looked at a video where they had made it a lot of fun to throw away trash 🙂

      Thanks a lot for the comment Elise.

  3. Edwin says:

    Its not hard to be unique, just dont follow what every one else is doing 😀

  4. TristanH says:

    Man, I love those piano stairs! I wish I had them in my house.

    That popping and locking bodybuilder was disgusting!

    I really like what you’ve said here, though. You don’t have to do things 100% differently than your competitors; you just have to do things differently. Differentiation to any degree is the best way to get noticed online.

    Thanks for the great read as always, Jens.

    • Ishan says:

      I also loved the stairs. Robot guy might be bad but think this way:

      He was different. He got what he wanted, attention. He was a body builder, had core thing(a built body) and I am sure many people liked him.
      Think him like John Chow. Has ads etc. that people hate, but he has core think, tips to offer. So, many like him!

    • I agree about the bodybuilder, but I bet he got a lot of attention for his robot dance. And it might be really cool for people who watch bodybuilding (I have never watched anything like that before). Stick to what works, but do it a little different – like writing with your own voice and using your own experience with it comes to blogging.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Tristan.

  5. Sathish says:

    Hi Jens, trying to be unique will make you a bit popular and it will make you get noticed before others. But that doesn’t mean you need to do everything different from others. Thanks for sharing an useful article.

  6. Thinking out of box will make everything possible and especially in marketing getting new ideas is very much important and thinking ahead of your competitors is much important too.
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  7. denimesasx says:

    I did not write this article to suggest that not using proven techniques. I recommend that you try to stand up only with new marketing methods.

  8. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Wow this is great jens those I like to watch those video you share in here and Im glad to see this..

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