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Marketing Main Event 3 is Live

The latest hype regarding Internet marketing is called Marketing Main Event 3, and I don´t mean hype in a bad way. It seems that everybody is talking about it, and I am sure that this is great stufff. Marketing Main Event 2 was extremely popular, and it seems that number 3 has even more interesting stuff. The “creators” or should I say the minds behind this is Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, both are well-known internet marketers.

Many famous marketers have written their testimonials for marketing main event 3, and I am sure that if you decide to buy it, you won´t be dissapointed. My problem and probably a problem for many, is the price. It costs $997 as a one time payment, or you can pay $347 now and two further payments of $347 spread 30 days apart. That´s a pretty high price, even though the product is great. I have not tested the product, but I have seen the videos and it looks impressive.

With CMS Infusion (from Marketing Main Event 3) you could according to Liz Tomey create 15 profitable websites.

Can you afford Marketing Main Event 3, it might be worth it. I am not an affiliate and I am staying away from it. Maybe my loss, but I just think that it´s way too much money for me at the moment. And if you are thinking about it, do not think for more than a few days. Because if you look closely at their site at you will see the following text:

The offer ends at 07.59 EST. Tuesday 12th June – Or when we hit a pre-set number of memberships – For everyone’s privacy, this number is for us to know only… but as of right now we’re getting close (And no that isn’t a ‘line’ we’re feeding you either)

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