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Marketing By Giving Away Free Stuff To Students

We want to attract more students to our college, and at the moment we are doing something different. Well, a lot of colleges and universities are already doing it, but I think that this is our first time. We are giving away free stuff to our students.

We have created a headware, very similar to the original Buff. We just received 2600 of them from China today.

They have our logo, and they have “our” color as well. This way it will be fairly easy to recognize our college when people see the headware.

… but why are we giving it away for free?

I believe that it’s actually one of the cheapest ways to promote almost anything, well, especially when it comes to a big company (like our college).

Not only is it cheap, but it’s really good marketing as well. That is, if the headware, or what you are giving away, is something people will really appreciate.

Think about it.

If close to 2600 people will be wearing our headware all across the country. A lot of people will most likely see them, and maybe comment on them, and remember the name of our college.

The more people that will see our name, the more people will remember us.

The cost of the headware is fairly the same as a one-day advertisement in a national newspaper. The headware might last for several years, and will most likely be spread all over the country. The one-day advertisement will most likely just last for a few days (in the minds of people).

The coolest part is that we have two different designs, and both of them have been designed by our students (2 students actually).

I think that by giving away free stuff to our students, not only will our students wear them (or give them away to friends or members of their families), but they will appreciate it. They might feel a little better about their college… and would like to help spread the word about how they feel about living here and getting their education.

Hopefully, this is not the last time we are giving away stuff for free – I believe that this is going to happen once a year from now on.

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