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Marketing By Designing a University Diploma

When you study at a university or a college, hopefully, you’ll end up receiving a diploma. Most colleges and universities in Norway issues a standard diploma. There are really no big differences, other than the name of the college or university and a logo.

What if a college (like ours) decided to change, and hire a designer, and create something remarkable?

What if the Bachelor Diploma was stunning, it was something spectacular, something that people would really notice and say “wow, this is the coolest diploma I have ever seen”?

I am thinking that this could be an interesting marketing strategy.

There are little, if any, competition. All the other colleges and universities don’t consider this as marketing (at least it seems that way).

It’s fairly cheap, it’s usually just one piece of paper.

We could:

… make them look really old, like papyrus (the ancient documents rolled up into scrolls).

… make them really big (but that might be just weird).

… make them really colorful

The reason I think it would be interesting and a way to get a lot of attention is the fact that our students would probably be more excited if they received a cool and different diploma (more excited than when they receive the standard diploma).

If they are more excited, it means that it’s more likely that they spread the word about their diplomas.

And when our students apply for jobs, they always attach their diplomas. The people looking through all the applications would also notice our remarkable diplomas, and most likely they would start to think of us as champions (and they might even spread the word).

What do you think, would creating new creative diplomas be worth it as part of a marketing strategy… or should we just go with standard diplomas?

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