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Marketing Apple by Steve M. Chazin

I have just downloaded and read the free e-book by Steve M. Chazin with the name Marketing Apple: 5 Secrets of the World’s Best Marketing Machine.

Steve M. Chazin is former Apple Marketing Executive and Consumer Marketing Expert, and he was part of the team that brought us the iMac. My expectations were rather high when I downloaded the e-book.

I first mentioned his e-book in the post I wrote about The New Rules of Viral Marketing.

This e-book of his is only 8 pages, it’s completely free and you don’t even have to register to download it. Just visit his website Marketing Apple and start your download.

This is by far the best 8 page e-book I have read.

Not that I have read that many e-books with 8 pages, but after reading this one, I wish there are more people writing like Steve M. Chazin. He didn’t need more than 8 pages to get to his point, why should he use more?

The marketing secrets from Apple are not really secrets. They are not hidden and they are not something people at Apple never talk about in public. They are actually kind of obvious, but the problem is that we don’t think about them if we don’t get someone to present them to us.

Now, I am not going to tell you the five secrets, because I want you to read the e-book yourself. The interesting part of the five secrets is that I believe that they can be applied to any business, no matter if you are involved in a large Apple style organization or you are on your own and working from home. The same principles of marketing should be considered.

Visit Marketing Apple and download the e-book by Steve M. Chazin today.

2 responses to “Marketing Apple by Steve M. Chazin”

  1. ses5909 says:

    I like that you didn’t explain it to me :). Sometimes people get tired of seeing the same content over and over again so I think it’s great that you recognized it and went in the other direction!

  2. Mark Antony says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head Jens when you say you have so little time to do the things you enjoy in life. Same in many cases, how much time do we spend researching things like PR when we’d rather do something else, if were honest with ourselves.

    Perhaps some people become obsessed with PR because having a low PR disqualifies them from pay per post opportunites! Other than ppp, how exactly does it REALLY matter? If your website is popular anyway it’s already doing it’s job for you! It’s algorhythms matter less.

    I think far better to concentrate on content. But more and more people use blogs for profit only. The profit won’t come first, content surely will.

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