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Marketing and the Team Sport Metaphore

In a few weeks, we’ll be starting our creative phase and create the first real marketing strategy for our college. We’ll be using several months, most likely closer to six. I am saying it’s our first real strategy, that’s because I don’t know if we have ever had a real marketing strategy, and I haven’t been told that we’ve been doing this before, other than creating lists of where to place our ads (but that’s not a marketing strategy).

A marketing strategy consists of the four p’s (and should include much more):

Product – there should be a demand for the product

Price – how much people will have to pay for the product (not just measured in $$)

Placement – how the costumers can buy the product, how available is the product?

Promotion – advertisement, PR, communication, information

I believe that one of the main reasons why we struggle, is because the employees have divergent views of the world and our place (the college) in it. Let me give you a quick example.

Many teachers think that they are the most important part of the college, and that they should be treated as kings. They think that all the other co-workers, especially people working for the administration and the janitors, are working at the college to assist the teachers – and that’s their only purpose.

This is why we will always end up with some students that will never give testimonials and say that we are amazing.

Every single employee at colleges and universities should have one thing on their mind; how to make the students happy by increasing their knowledge and struggle to help them have an amazing time as students.

With this in mind, I got an interesting idea.

What if we use a methaphor, team sport, when it comes to writing the marketing strategy, would it make it easier for people to understand? For instance, we can use a football team as an example. 

We want to win all the titles, we want to win every game we play, that’s our goal. In order to do so, we need to act and play as a team. The titles and the games, are just methapors for having the best students in the country (the highest average GPA).

The players on the field, that’s our students.

The coach, that’s the teachers.

The rest of the crew at the football club, that’s the administration (including janitors and the cleaning crew).

Every single person working for a football team are working there for one reason only, and that’s to help the team give their best performance and win games. If the guys responsible for the pitch have done a lousy job, well, the team will most likely struggle. If the people in the administration are not helping the coach, the coach is more likely to give a worse performance for the players on the team. Every job, every performance is connected, and they all join forces in order to win games.

Does this sound like an interesting metaphor that we can use in order to explain the next marketing strategy?

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