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Marketers Scan Blogs for Brand Insights

To help companies decide on products to advertise, marketers scan blogs for brand insights. Easy Bake Weblogs tells us this story about what the companies are really up to is paying attention to their customers. Scanning blogs is really just a new way of paying attention.

I have an example from Norway, maybe not similar but it´s a nice and short story. The problem is that this marketing company did everything the opposite way, they didn´t actually pay attention or look for what the customers wanted, they tried to create the urge for various products. What they did was to actually pay popular kids in high school to wear various clothes and gadgets. They thought that by them wearing certain clothes they would urge other classmates and friends to buy exactly the same outfits. For example, give a few popular kids the iPod and then soon the whole school or the neighborhood will by it too.

Not sure how the story ended, but I can´t seem to find the company today. Maybe I just forgot the name?

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