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The Three Phases of a Marketer’s Dilemma

a marketers dilemma

There are many types of marketing, from the traditional paying for ads, to the more hidden types, like undercover marketing and reverse psychology in marketing. And, when I am creating a marketing strategy for some of my clients, I have discovered what I believe is the three phases of a marketer’s dilemma.

The first phase of the marketer’s dilemma is switching from traditional thinking to thinking outside the box, and adding actions to the thoughts and ideas. We need to get the “brilliant” ideas, and we need to take action to get the results. It’s just too difficult to keep doing the traditional marketing, sooner or later it will hurt us bad. That’s why we need to be remarkable.

The first phase is:

I am a strong believer in inbound marketing, content marketing and relationship marketing. When I talk to people about marketing, and even when I talk to people who are working in marketing, I understand that it’s fairly hard to get the time to do “everything” and it’s really hard to create high quality content. It’s usually not part of their jobs, and it takes too much of their time. And, many times they don’t have the money to outsource the work.

The second phase is:

The third phase is the most important phase, and it’s when you get people in the organization to acknowledge you for being one of the most important assets in the organization. Marketing, at least in the traditional meaning of the occupation, is not something that many consider to be as important as it is. To me, marketing shouldn’t be a department, it shouldn’t be about a few people, it should be an essential part of the culture, and the backbone of the organization.

The third phase is:

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