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The Three Phases of a Marketer’s Dilemma

a marketers dilemma

There are many types of marketing, from the traditional paying for ads, to the more hidden types, like undercover marketing and reverse psychology in marketing. And, when I am creating a marketing strategy for some of my clients, I have discovered what I believe is the three phases of a marketer’s dilemma.

The first phase of the marketer’s dilemma is switching from traditional thinking to thinking outside the box, and adding actions to the thoughts and ideas. We need to get the “brilliant” ideas, and we need to take action to get the results. It’s just too difficult to keep doing the traditional marketing, sooner or later it will hurt us bad. That’s why we need to be remarkable.

The first phase is:

I am a strong believer in inbound marketing, content marketing and relationship marketing. When I talk to people about marketing, and even when I talk to people who are working in marketing, I understand that it’s fairly hard to get the time to do “everything” and it’s really hard to create high quality content. It’s usually not part of their jobs, and it takes too much of their time. And, many times they don’t have the money to outsource the work.

The second phase is:

The third phase is the most important phase, and it’s when you get people in the organization to acknowledge you for being one of the most important assets in the organization. Marketing, at least in the traditional meaning of the occupation, is not something that many consider to be as important as it is. To me, marketing shouldn’t be a department, it shouldn’t be about a few people, it should be an essential part of the culture, and the backbone of the organization.

The third phase is:

14 responses to “The Three Phases of a Marketer’s Dilemma”

  1. Khaja Moin says:

    Hi Jens,
    Getting out of traditional marketing strategy is what many are sacred about. And thinking out of box can be fun when we succeed but what can be done when we faily.
    This type of thinking is what dragging many marketers back to their old way of working.
    But I think we can enjoy by trying out new things. What do you say.
    Am going to do some think like this on my blog next week and am very much sure that it`s gonna hit the ball.


  2. Mark says:

    Change can be a real struggle for many business owners.

    Business will continue to evolve, even more so with the economic circumstances we’ve found ourselves in the last several years, the rising global business climate, advances in technology and growth in the digital economy.

    Things are changing rapidly and those who evolve with it will profit handsomely from recognizing the opportunity at hand and taking advantage of all media mediums to reach their customers.

    The huge advantage social media provides over other media is it’s powered by conversations, people and relationships. It’s word of mouth. The rest, for the most part, are one-way messages with no interaction or feedback.

    The ability to over-deliver value to your customers is to “listen” to what your customers have to say about your products and/or services and how you can improve upon them; at least it does in today’s marketplace.

    That’s a huge marketing advantage in my mind.

    Hi Jens!

  3. Yasir Khan says:

    When it comes to marketing you must allow yourself to think outside the box but what’s more ideal and effective for your business is think like there’s no boxes. With this, you are able to create new ways and information that will surely benefit everybody.

  4. Adrienne says:

    I remember reading something you wrote some time back Jens that everything we do is marketing whether we realize it or not. I had never really thought about it that way until you had pointed it out but it’s so true. So it’s not something you can ignore although many of us don’t realize this and admit to not exactly being the best at it either.

    Yep, everything definitely takes time and I think that they need to decide which are they need to concentrate on and go for it. Hey, I never considered myself a writer but look at me now. Here I am blogging away and building those relationships which will definitely help me when I’m ready to create my own product. I know for me that’s huge.


  5. James says:

    The huge advantage social media provides over other media is it’s powered by conversations, people and relationships. It’s word of mouth. The rest, for the most part, are one-way messages with no interaction or feedback.

  6. what is good in this article is the way this three phases of marketing is presented. really i like that. and when i was reading this article i enjoy reading it so much and so i get many ideas and strategist that will help me in building my business marketing.

  7. Great post..
    As making strategies is important to grow your business. As social media plays a important role in promoting the business so need to think out of the breach to be successful.

  8. marinacarlos says:

    social media has changed our way of thinking and working.It makes life easy and simple.Social media makes marketing easy thank you for sharing.This is realy great post.It is interesting..

  9. Tim Bonner says:

    Hey Jens

    I try and think outside the box as much as I can on my blog. It’s the only way to get noticed and to be a little different is refreshing.

    I learned this from reading your blog actually; everything is marketing.

  10. Ruth Zive says:

    These are all very real dilemmas and ones that we encounter with clients regularly. However, I’m not sure I buy into your ‘phased’ terminology. These dilemmas emerge across a marketing spectrum, at different times and for different reasons. I would add ‘a lack of marketing strategy’ as a very prominent challenge/dilemma that companies face. This is often our greatest setback – clients having a knee jerk reaction to marketing (and new trends in marketing) rather than approaching them thoughtfully and strategically.

  11. Yaad Poetry says:

    The huge advantage social media provides over other media is it’s powered by conversations, people and relationships. It’s word of mouth. The rest, for the most part, are one-way messages with no interaction or feedback. well said

  12. Lisa says:

    Hi Jens, The maketing world surely has been shakened up by social and new content media. I think one must find the best match of old media and new media and use the two together for the most impact. It certaintly is a challenge today. My day job is multi media sales at a daily newspaper and I see the changes daily. Things used to change maybe yearly now it’s daily. Some left their print marketing to go digital and some came back because print still worked, others are still there and others left. There are so many variables too depending on the types of businesses.
    Great topic Jens!

    • That’s very interesting Lisa. I am going to create a “system” that will combine offline and online marketing for my clients, and like you said, I think that’s the best way to do it. Many of my clients are still paying a lot of money for ads in regular newspapers, but they’re about to start using online ads fairly soon 🙂

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