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Mark Joyner Reveals His Personal Business Plan

I just read this press release and I thought, well another one of those get rich quick schemes. I am still not sure why Mark Joiner supposedly would reveal “everything” for us. Just buy the book, and then he will make a lot more money from us. I don`t know anything about this book, but I have seen stuff like this hundreds of times before.

From the press release:

Till now this confidential book was kept underground. Only Mark’s personal clients got a copy of it. “The book you’re about to read is the entire plan I give out to all of my clients when starting any business,” says Mark (on the website), who charges $2,000 per hour to his consulting clients and they rave that he is worth every single penny.

You can read a free 15-page excerpt from the book

Frankly I don`t know about this.

4 responses to “Mark Joyner Reveals His Personal Business Plan”

  1. Randy Charles Morin says:

    If you look closer, then you find on his site…

    User: New rule: Everyone had to click, like, 5 times a day. How about that?

    Ryan: That would be pretty awesome, I think! It depends if it ever became profitable. I will let you know!

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