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This makes me a little suspicious

Everytime I find a new service or a website for that matter with interesting information, before I want to buy anything from the site or try their services, I want to contact the company behind it first. The reason I am contacting them first is that I want to know how fast they answer questions, just to see if they are honest when they answer them and how fast that I can expect them to be in touch with me if I experience any trouble with their service.

What makes me a little suspicious is when I can´t seem to find any contact information to the company on their site. How do they expect their customers to contact them if they don´t provide any information. I think that the contact information is maybe the most important part of the website, well, next to information about the products or services and how much they cost.

The reason that I am writing this post today is that I have just experienced this “problem” again. Once in a while I visit websites with hardly any information regarding how to contact the company, and today I wanted to contact Digital Ad Gear to sort out some questions that I have regarding their services. But how do I contact them, I still haven´t found what I am looking for. If you can find their contact information, please post a comment on how and where you found it. It might be there somewhere, but I just can´t find it 🙂

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