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How to make your work attractive

I’ve been by the ocean for several weeks. Living in a tent. Relaxing. Enjoying some time off. A few minutes every day, it’s been just me and nature, listening to the sound of waves and birds, and the wind fighting the trees. Most of the day, I’ve been with my family, just enjoying life.

A few minutes every day, I’ve been listening to music while walking. Music helps me stay productive, it helps me relax, and it helps me be creative.

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Make your work attractive

So, what does music have to do with how to make your work attractive?

Well. This.

1. Stop talking and start to listen.

Listen to the people next to you. Listen to your co-workers. Listen to your customers. If you stop talking and start to listen, you’ll notice the important stuff and you’ll discover how to get a yes every single time and how to turn purple.

2. Be interested, not interesting.

Like I said, listen to what they say, then embrace it, remember it, ask questions, be interested in who they are, what they do and how they live their lives. Stop thinking about yourself for a minute and be interested in what’s happening around you.

3. Do the right things. Don’t just do things right.

When you’re actually listening, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on around you. You’ll discover how to make a difference, and eventually what you need to focus on.

6 responses to “How to make your work attractive”

  1. Friend says:

    Hey there mate,

    It reminds me of the old mantra, “You were born with one mouth and two ears. Use them wisely.”

    Too many people act as if it’s the other way around, with two mouths and only one ear. And then wonder how they get themselves into frequent pickles…

    Hope you’re enjoying your holiday!

  2. Angela says:

    hello,i am glad you have been enjoying nature,it is true you can enjoy your work more by follow those tips,thank you.

  3. Ovais Mirza says:

    Hi Jens! I wish to go on a vacation for a long time. Its been more than a year and half since I took a vacation. I thoroughly believe that music makes you more productive and helps you in relieving the stress. Anyhow, I like the idea of doing right things rather than just doing the things right. I have been working on this pattern for a while and I found out how my productivity has gradually increased. Also like the idea of less talking and more listening.Will try to adopt and implement such great things in my life. Great work. Would love to listen more from you in future. Cheers.

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