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He told me to make my customers shine

He told me that I should be focusing on something completely different. I know you work in batches, he said, you’re doing great with productivity and time management. You even shop tea in batches.


He made me think; it’s important to be different, but it’s even more important to…, if your work feels like you’re playing, that’s the first sign that you’re doing what you’re passionate about. It’s the first sign of success, he told me.

I turned and watched him smile.

Go back, he said. Think about how it was like growing up.

What did it feel like going to school? What did it feel like waking up in the morning? I bet you didn’t scream yeah!

I want you to get that awesome feeling, the feeling you get when someone you care about looks at you, stares at you or complements you.

You should wake up in the morning with butterflies in your stomach. Like the time you wrote The Cold November Rain.

Work and play

I started to walk away. But as I was walking away, I continued to think about what he just told me. He’s a lone nut, but I’m always listening to him talk.

What he basically told me is that I should get paid to write.

I really enjoy writing. But, I haven’t talked to any of my clients about writing. They want results. They want to attract new customers. They want to encourage customers to return.

I’ve been creating marketing strategies, planning social media, doing search engine optimization and speaking; usually about customer service. And, I have been working on shifting organizational culture. Never writing.

Getting paid to write. I’m saying it out loud. It feels like a question, more than an answer.

It’s so much easier to write when you are 100% in control and it’s all play, and no work (no money involved). I decide what to write, the content is all mine, the thoughts and ideas are developed from scratch.

What would happen if I decided to be turning pro?

The resistance

I don’t believe I am that good. I am afraid of people reading my articles, saying that they won’t pay. I’m thinking about writer’s block. What if I won’t show up, what if I can’t ship it?

There’s always some kind of resistance to change. We know what we’ve got, but we don’t know what’s on the other side.

I enjoy creativity. I enjoy watching my kids play. They look at the world with a different mindset. I get inspired watching them; many times I try to be like them.

I try to be like my kids when we’re on vacation and it’s what happened when I got confused about whether I was actually talking about a hippo or a rhino. It doesn’t matter if it was a hippo or a rhino. I was a kid, playing.

What he told me

He told me that I should be focusing on something completely different. He wasn’t talking about me being a dentist or a hairdresser.

He told me to get paid to write. He told me to make my customers shine.

Accelerate. Stomp it up. I could hear his final words as I watched him wave goodbye.

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