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A Major Marketing Challenge

When trying to create a marketing strategy for a large organization like the college where I work, you need to think about a lot more than marketing.

Let me give you a quick example.

I have about 450 colleagues, and when creating the marketing strategy, some of us gather to do some brainstorming and discuss possible approaches. Yesterday, six of us had a chat about a new catalogue.

We have one goal with this catalogue, and that’s to get people to visit our websites, because our websites are really the main catalogue. This is where all the juicy information is, and this is where they should go if they want to find all our courses.

Our catalogue has really just been a flyer, and a listing of our courses and our url.

This year, I wanted to do something different. It’s not going to be a revolution, I am just thinking that it would be interesting to put a focus on maybe 5 or 6 courses. The list of all the courses will still be there (not going to change that).

My thought is this; if we focus on 5 or 6 courses where we have had too few students over the past years, and few applications, we might do something about the trend. I am not saying that this is a great idea, but I think it might be worth a shot.

The major marketing challenge is to convince people that this is what we should do. Because some of the people I was discussing this with were more concerned about our colleagues (the other 444) and what they would think, other than what actually works as marketing to attract new students.

If we focus on 5 or 6 courses (and don’t forget that the list of all our courses will still be there), our colleagues would probably start asking questions like; like, why the courses that they are teaching are not in focus. And this again would eventually lead to a lot of discussions.

I can understand that some people at our team are asking questions, but should we really be that concerned about all our colleagues, shouldn’t we forget about them and just think about how to attract students?

Or is it important to keep our (450) colleagues satisfied, or should the results of the marketing campaign speak for itself?

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