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How to make love to your keyboard

I think of my keyboard as my lover. When I write, I create my own reality. I can be the villain. I can be the hero, or the eccentric lover.

I write every single day, but, sometimes, I write short paragraphs about nothing – and I feel that I haven’t accomplished anything. When that happens, I just sit back, relax, and tell myself that it takes a lot of practice to become a good writer.

I believe that we should focus on three things when it comes to becoming a better writer:

Schedule your writing

Sometimes I write at night, other times, I write very early in the morning. It all depends. But, I always schedule the times I write. This way I can tell my family that I need quiet time, and I can turn off my phone. When I schedule my writing, I am always in the right mood for writing when I start.

Keep everything you need on your desk

I don’t have much time to write, there’s so much other things going on all the time. But, that’s how I like it. When I write, I always keep everything I need right there next to me. For instance, I know that I need something to drink sooner or later. So, I always have a large bottle of water next to me. I enjoy listening to music while I write (but not always), so I have Spotify and my playlists ready when I start to write.


I do my best to focus on every single details when I write, this way, my story will get more personal. I stay positive and I listen to the sounds close by, I watch my surroundings. I practice gratitude. I start writing by having a clear comprehension of what I am about to do, and why I am doing it. I am not writing because I have to. I am not writing because this is how I am earning money. I keep writing, even though the cat is peeing on the kitchen table.

13 responses to “How to make love to your keyboard”

  1. Phillip Dews says:

    Hi Jens,
    Good to meet you! You have a new follower in me today!
    Saying that It was strange how I came across your blog. I was checking my Google webmaster tools and it seems this blog has 84 links pointing back to mine and from posts from a few years back!
    I think Google took a wrong turn somewhere! Still no matter it got me in front of your blog which is a good thing! I love you point on scheduling your writing time and is very good advice for aspiring bloggers!
    I have been blogging this time round since the end of September and am getting quite a following (yes I gave up on blogging for a few years, but am now back to it!).
    I find that I get easily distracted from my social media sites so when I write I just have my wp-admin/post.php page open and nothing else until i have published!
    Great blog Jens, Clean Simple and free of distractions!
    All my Best
    – Phillip

  2. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    I don’t get along with my keyboard, at least not now (I am trying to learn the proper finger placement for keyboards, so I can learn to type faster). It has been frustrating, but progress is being made.

    I don’t write very much, especially since I don’t have a blog – few comments, diary entries and so on. I do have a plan for writing though. I am planning to restrict all my blog posts to weekends (I am taking classes next semester, so weekdays are for studying and a bit of commenting).

    Scheduling will be my ultimate tool 😉

    • I actually had a typing class when I was in high school. It was a very long time ago. And, because of that class, and since I’ve been using computers close to all of my life, I type fairly fast.

      Looks like you have a plan 🙂

  3. rasheed says:

    Wow so inspiring article. I will follow your steps. Really Thanks a lot for this article!

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