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LoudLaunch – a bloggers dream?

Today I received a notification from a new company called LoudLaunch. This is a company that many have been waiting for. At least if you are a blogger. With LoudLaunch you can earn money by adding campaigns from advertisers. The company launched today, so I don´t know much about it yet.

But I know this. Your blog has to meet some requirements and it has to pass a discretionary review. And there are some other things as well:

You can also join LoudLaunch if you are an advertiser (want to advertise your blog or something else). Not sure how much it cost to run a campaign, but I think that I read somewhere that you can start a campaign for $50, and that doesn´t sound too bad. But I have no clue what you get for your money.

To me this company is very interesting, we need some new alternatives to Google AdSense and AdWords. Personally I use Text Link Ads, but LoudLaunch might be even better – what do I know 🙂

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