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Lost all confidense in Adsense

I could really get upset about Google Adsense. If I were another person, and at another time, I might have. As some of you already know, Adsense closed my account a while ago. They didn´t give me a specific reason, but obviously I had done something that didn´t apply to their terms (don´t remember the exact words). I know that I have not done anything wrong, well, to my knowledge. So I just had to write them an e-mail. Today I received the answer.

The answer was just as I was expecting. Just as unclear as the first one. I can´t beleave how a multi-billion dollar organisation can behave like this. First, they close an account, they “steal” almost $100, then they won´t tell the reason why they´ve closed it. Just telling me that “you have broken the rules!”.

I have never clicked on my own ads, but what if I did. Why can´t we be allowed to click our own ads. When I search using Google, I can click on the ads, when I open my e-mail in gmail, I can click on those ads. Can´t Google make an algorithm or something that knows when “the owner” clicks his own ads?

….and what if my homepage is also my startpage, and other people were using my computer too. What if my wife wanted to surf, she open the webbrowser and saw my homepage and clicked on an interesting ad. What if this happened many times, and Google thought that I was clicking my own ads?

What if another person was clicking on my ads, many times a day, just out of curiousity or because he or she wanted to hurt me, or for what ever reason. Can I be banned from Adsense because of behaviour like that? Well, I don´t know, because they won´t tell me.

To me, this Adsense story is just like a crazy untrue story about a shoplifter. Where you get caught stealing, without having anything from the store with you at the time you were caught. The cops or whoever caught you just tells you that, we know that you stole. You reply, no, I haven´t stolen anything. The cop, now leaning over you, say, we have the best technology and it tells us that you have stolen from us. You are going to jail mister. You then ask, what did I steal and when? The cop, now getting both tired and a little mad, turns as he is walking away, opens his mouth and says, “we are not going to tell you”. Come here boy, you are going to jail!.

This is the e-mail I received from “The Google Adsense Team”:


Thank you for your email regarding the action taken on your account.

We understand that you wish to receive specific information regarding the invalid clicks we observed on your account. However, due to the proprietary nature of our algorithm, we cannot disclose any details about how our monitoring technology works or what specifics we found on your account.

As you know, Google treats instances of invalid click activity very seriously. By disabling your account according to our policy on this matter, we feel that we have taken the necessary measures to protect our advertisers and to ensure that invalid clicks will not continue to occur on your site.

Publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed further participation in Google AdSense. We appreciate your understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

Hallelujah 🙂

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