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Look out for Stumpedia

Thanks to Sergey at TechWeb Media I am looking at and testing the first human powered social search engine. And I really like what I have seen so far from Stumpedia.

It’s a search engine, but instead of the spider from Google, Yahoo or any of the other major search engines, this is powered by people, like you and me. We can all submit sites and recommend sites for specific keywords and phrases, and like web 2.0 sites (digg, reddit, propeller), we can rank the websites at Stumpedia.

I guess this means that instead of like Google uses their pagerank and all sorts of algorithms to give you the spot in their serp (search engine rank page), Stumpedia trust people to rank the sites.

But is that all there is to it?

I am not sure.

You have to sign up in order to submit links to Stumpedia, and you need to sign up in order to vote on websites. Only members will get access, non-members can use it as a search engine, that’s all.

I have been testing Stumpedia for searching, and for some keywords there are not much information. For instance, I searched for Facebook and I received one website, I searched for protein and it didn’t come up with anything.

At this very moment, Stumpedia has 3,127 links, 593 members and over 3,500 search terms.

Even though Stumpedia is not that big yet, it has the potential of becoming a major player among the search engines – the only question remains, do you trust your friends to vote for the most relevant websites?

We need to trust the community at Stumpedia to come up with the top websites, and that it won’t become just another web 2.0 site packed with spammers and golddiggers out to get their own websites to the top.

Personally, I think that the biggest problem for Stumpedia is how to sget the relevant and important websites with great content to the top, instead of entertaining websites with cool and funny content.

I can give you an example.

If you do a search for George Bush, you will get three results. The one at the top is a funny YouTube video, and the next two are facts about George Bush sr and jr at wikipedia. If you compare this to the identical search in Google, the top two are the pages from wikipedia, and the YouTube video is at number 8.

What happens when people starts to submit more funny videos of George Bush? There are a lot of funny videos about this guy, and suddenly, the facts and the important information regarding the President of the United States of America is nowhere to be found.

I am just guessing here, and I hope I am not right.

I will continue to use Stumpedia to see how well it develops, you never know what will happen, but one thing’s for sure – Look out for Stumpedia.

27 responses to “Look out for Stumpedia”

  1. Althaf says:


    Anymore information on them? Do you still consider it worth joining? Also, is Google Adwords is the only way to promote them or traditional SEO too? (I understand this takes time.

    Last question, do they provide keywords to run PPC campaigns or we have to do that ourself?

    Oh yes, have the new features been implemented?


  2. Jens says:

    Hi Althaf,

    I will try Affiliate Silver Bullet for another month as well. Because there are so many interesting features that will be implemented on February 1st or a few days later.

    They have been very fast to reply to my requests, and I think that we can ask for a lot of new features that they will consider implementing.

    But so far, they have not included any keywords and so far you need to run all your PPC campaigns yourself. You don’t get any tools from them, but I think that this will change soon.

    I am only using my blog to advertise it, and that works, but it would work a lot better with a ppc campaign.

    I will send a new request to them and ask the keywords and help for ppc campaigns.

  3. Althaf says:

    Please keep me updated. Just respond to this comment and as I am subscribed, I will get the message.

    Thanks for responding.

  4. Jens says:

    I have just sent the request regarding keywords and PPC campaigns to support, I will tell you about it as soon as they answer.

  5. Althaf says:

    Sounds great. Have you made any considerable money out the bullets?

  6. Jens says:

    No, I haven’t made much yet. Maybe about $150… but this is without advertising at all

  7. Althaf says:

    The reason I asked you for is this:

    If there are 1000 people who have joined ASB and all of them get the same product, which they do and all of them promote it, which they will, because they have a monthly cost of $37, what then? Saturation? What about PPC campagns? Everybody competing for the same product?

    Would like to know your thoughts.


  8. Jens says:

    I have just received message from support that they will be adding PPC tools for the bullets we receive in February.

    I am not sure at what date we will receive the bullets, but I will let you know.

  9. Althaf says:

    They seem to respond to requests pretty fast. Sounds too good to be true isn’t it?

  10. Jens says:

    Yes, it might be. I haven’t received my commissions for January yet 🙂

    But I have made sales through ClickBank on ASB advertising (follow up) on the bullets

  11. Jens says:

    I don’t believe that this will be a problem, because we get 10 top products each month, and soon we will be in February and we will have 20 products already to promote.

    Usually, you just promote one or two products. And they are all very well-known products that you can promote for a long time. For instance, Butterfly Marketing is still an awesome product months after it was launched.

    We will be sort of competing, but I don’t think that this will be a problem, at least not when we get even more bullets (affiliate programs) to promote.

    But that’s just my thoughts 🙂

  12. Jens says:

    I received more information from support yesterday. I will get the new bullets and the ppc tools on February 12th.

  13. Althaf says:

    Sounds promising, but everything seems to be happening so fast that it is scary.

  14. Jens says:

    Yes, maybe I am the only member 🙂

  15. Althaf says:

    What about the PPC Tools?

  16. Jens says:

    I have received the bullets for February, you can see them all in my latest post.

  17. Jens says:

    I haven’t received any yet, but the woman at support said February 12th, but I thought that would be the date that I would get all the bullets and the SEO tools. Maybe it’s just the SEO tools?

  18. Ulla says:

    I joined 24 feb and asked question at helpdesk but havn´t received answer yet. So I posted question on their blog, but no answer…

    There is lack of information in members area and I can´t find info about how to get adsense id in 30 sec..

    I also have a question about adsense articles, as I havn´t seen them…
    I upgraded for 97 usd…

    I will ask for a refund it they don´t answer me. Perhaps it is a Scam??

  19. Jens says:

    Hi Ulla

    I have also been complaining about lack of information. But I would just wait a little first, there is a 30-day full refund.

    They have always answered my questions and I have asked them a lot of questions.

    I would probably asked them the same question over again at support. Just in case. (and tell them that it takes too long to get the questions answered).

    You might want to visit Dustin Struckman’s blog and tell him about it, he is the guy behind the system (but he is not the support).

    Support was excellent the first month or so, but in the middle of February something happened. I am not sure if too many members have joined or what, but I experienced the same problems as you.

    I would wait if I were you, you should not be in a hurry, because you have the 30-day full refund.

    And… doesn’t it work to put your AdSense ID at your profile and download the articles? It should be all automated.

  20. ido says:

    Hi everyone, I signed up for ASB and found that it was not for me, after submitting a support ticket through the member area they refunded the $37 memebership fee, as well as the $97 JV member upgrade which I also purchased. I just wanted to say this is not a scam and 2 thumbs up to Mr. Struckman for keeping his word on letting us try this one out for FREE!!

    PS: sending an email to customer service didn’t seem to help, but after submitting a support ticket through the member area everything worked out very fast.

  21. Jens says:

    Hi ido

    Great that you got the refund. I am still with ASB.

    Why didn’t you like it?

    (I am not trying to get you back, just curious)

  22. ido says:

    Hi Jens,
    I left ASB because I am a real newbie concerning online moneymaking, therefore I felt I could not really offer value content to new prospects and could not proclaim these systems work while I myself have not made a dime yet.
    The system does seem great in reducing a lot of the tedious aspects of building an online business, but I just feel that at this time I could not genuinely promote these products, this is not to say it is not possible; if one has the necessary (sales)skills I think this can be a great additional income stream. So I encourage people to try it out and decide for themselves, like I said: it’s FREE!! ( for a while).

    Hope that answers your question..

  23. Jens says:

    Hi ido

    I agree that ASB not might be for people who are not experienced, because you will have to drive traffic to the system in order to make sales.

    Dustin Struckman says that his new version of ASB is a lot better, and that you really don’t have to drive that much traffic to it, because you will get free leads.

    I am not sure what I think about the new ASB, and I will probably write a post about it sometime soon.

  24. ido says:

    I’m looking forward to your post Jens.

    Though I am a newbie and perhaps it is not my place to be sceptical, I do feel it’s not logical that a system will give it’s members free (quality) leads. Perhaps it makes the product more attractive, but why even bother sharing the bullets and paying commissions, if you can just use these leads for yourself?Wouldn’t the income generated by using these leads himself far outweigh the income earned after comissions paid to ASB members? I’m sure Mr. Struckman is a nice guy, but that just doesn’t make sense to me….

    I could be wrong of course!

    I still think ASB can be a great way to create an additional income stream for someone who can generate their own leads or at least has an affinity with the products that it promotes, but if you don’t mind faking it till you make it, I guess it could work well for you as well, but that has never really been my style.

  25. Jens says:

    You should always be sceptical, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or not. I have been sceptical from the start, and it’s paying off.

    I agree with you when it comes to the free leads. I am not sure how it’s going to be working out for me or the other members, but I guess I am going to wait and see.

    What I think he is doing is promoting ASB to the leads as well, this way he is earning money and his affiliates are earning money.

    That’s the only reason I can think of.

  26. ido says:

    I hope it works out well for you guys.

    As for me, at this stage I am learning as much as possible and laying a good foundation. And perhaps I can make a few bucks along the way promoting products that I do know about, or have had a positive experience with. You never know what valuable nugget you might pick up today going through the seemingly endless supply of information online.

    Good luck….

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