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ListJoe – build multiple lists

I have just found this one, and I am now testing it. It seems to be interesting, but I am not really sure what I think so far. They say that you can promote multiple list builders with just one url. And that if you’re already promoting list builders, you don’t have to change anything that you’re already doing. In fact, with ListJoe, your efforts will multiply much faster than any other program, with the same amount of effort. The key reason for this is multiple list building, and the fact that the site really sells.

Visit ListJoe here

They also state on their homepage that if you go pro, you can earn $100 per sale on the special offer upgrade, which converts at the rate of 6%. On average, 1 out of every 16 people who join under you will upgrade and you’ll earn $100! And your downline will be building up to fifteen lists for you all at once!

Visit ListJoe here

But again, I have only tested it for one day and I am not sure what I think of it so far. And so far I have been receiving many emails with offers from my upline, so you would probably use another email address than your standard one.

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