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The ListHero Affiliate Opportunity

I joined the $1 trial at ListHero a few days ago, and soon after I joined, I realized that there are problems using ListHero to build your list. But on the other hand, I know that your list can get rather big with this system.

My list is increasing, slowly, but it’s increasing thanks to ListHero.

Today, I am going to tell you about the opportunitty to make money as an affiliate of ListHero.

This is the only text I have found on the ListHero website regarding how much money you can earn as an affiliate:

Here’s what happens when you promote ListHero…
Every sale you make can earn you anywhere from $18.50 each month to a one-time $73.50. Just 5 sales a month could potentially earn you $367.50.

Every referral and sale you make ALSO gets your ListHero ad seen on even more websites for free! Put your listbuilding on virtual autopilot as you earn exposure points from the people you refer (even if they don’t upgrade their membership).

To me, this looks like you will only earn money if you manage to refer ListHero personally to other people, and that you won’t earn any money from sub-affiliiates at all.

…but when I look inside the backoffice at ListHero, I can see an image of six levels, where at the moment I have affiliates on the first level. So, does this mean that I can get sub-affiliates to promote ListHero and I will earn money from their promotions?

I have been searching for an answer and I found one (at the ListHero blog), it says that:

Will I earn commissions on multiple levels?
No sorry, because we use to accept payments and pay all our affiliates their terms of use forbid payment on multiple levels, we only offer an affiliate payment on level 1 of 50%.

Finally, I think that I understand the levels in the ListHero backoffice. It’s there becaues I can earn exposure points on six levels:

Will I earn newsletter exposure points by promoting ListHero?
Absolutely! it’s only when you promote ListHero that you really begin to benefit in the biggest way possible. We’ve set up ListHero so it awards points to you for every affiliate you refer 6 levels deep.

So for every person you refer you get 10 points added to your newsletter exposure credits. Then if the person you refer in turn refers someone else you then get 8 points and so on down 6 levels.

Here’s how many points you’ll earn on each level:

Level 1: 10 points
Level 2: 8 points
Level 3: 6 points
Level 4: 4 points
Level 5: 2 points
Level 6: 1 point

So you can see that whilst you only get 10 points on your leave (level 1) it’s when the people you refer start referring others that you really start to see your newsletter exposure points increase. This is where you begin to experience the powerful list building leverage ListHero awards you.

Now, the answer is; you can only earn commission if you personally refer ListHero and people you have referred to ListHero end up buying. But you will earn exposure points on six levels, this way it will be easier to build your list. The more people you refer, the more exposure you will get, even though the people you refer might not buy, as long as they continue to use ListHero and refer ListHero to other people.

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