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Listen to Google About Search Engine Optimization

This is an article from SEO Product Reviews.

Many people agree that if you want to make it online with your website, you need to understand search engine optimization “Google style.” The fact is that Google is the top search engine and controls most of the market share among all the search engines. The problem is that they do not disclose how their algorithm ranks websites, so it takes expert testing as well as your own trial and error to figure it out.

If you are just starting out marketing your website, it is important to focus on the things that we know to be true about ranking highly in Google. These are time-tested tips and techniques that people have discovered.

The honest truth is that there is no magic bullet that will make you rank highly for incredibly competitive terms. Factors that seem to be prevalent for websites that rank highly for those kinds of terms almost always have been:

– Quality content
– Consistent content
– A lot of backlinks and quality websites
– An “aged” domain

Any newbie marketer might be intimidated by this list. At the same time, all you have to realize is that Google’s main goal is to provide the best search engine experience to their visitors as they possibly can. It starts with quality content! Even if you are the newest of the new, this is something you can do. Make it your mission to create a website that will stand the test of time.

Google also tries to present up-to-the-minute information. You will get extra “points” from the algorithm if you update your site consistently. There is no known time that you need to update by, this is something you’ll need to test for yourself. Many popular bloggers, for instance, blog every day, or at least several times per week. There are other static or product-based websites that update less frequently and still rank highly. This may be specific to the type of website.

The other things are features that build up over time. Take a little time each day, or each week, to get as many back links to your website as possible. This will naturally occur if you have quality content, but you can also take steps to ensure backlinks come through. Comment on blogs, submit articles to article directories, and utilize other linking strategies to ensure these come in consistently.

Google also enjoys aged domains. This means domains that have been around for a few years or more. This might be because there is more chance of there being a lot of content there, but it also has to do with the fact that many people start and abandon websites within a short amount of time. If your website is still up and running, it shows authority in Google’s eyes and you’ll likely get a boost in the rankings because of that.

Following these search engine optimization, Google will certainly help you get started with your site. Focus on quality and the rewards will come.

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