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LinkMetro and backlinks

A few days ago I was told that I should give LinkMetro a try. This is a company that offers an interesting service, it can either be free or you could upgrade. The service they offer is a trading links service. We all know that if a lot of sites links to your site, you will probably get better rankings on search engines. What LinkMetro does is that they provide a directory of its members, where all members can exchange links. This way it´s a lot easier to find a link partner.

You have full freedom to reject links. What you do is that you access the directory and find a potential link partner, you click on request link exchange (or something similar). The administrator of that site will get an email from you asking to add your link to their site. You will then have to add their link (and description) to your site as well. This way you will have access to thousands of potential link partners, instead of searching the Internet to find them. It should save you a lot of time.

The difference between the free service and the upgraded one, is that a lot is fully automated with the upgraded version. You don´t have to upload the links to your server, LinkMetro does that for you. You only need to find the link partners and add them to your site, and you need to approve links to your site requested by other members.

I have only used it for three days, but it looks really good so far. But will I get any more visitors to my site? I will let you know in a bit.

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