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Linkbrander cloaking software

Today I have been testing Linkbrander for a few minutes. This tool is not new. I signed up for it when it launched a while ago, but I haven´t given it much attention ever since. Today was the day for a little testing, not sure why I am doing this, probably because it´s raining outside.

Linkbrander is a software from Russel Brunson. It´s free to join and it has an upgrade option (not sure how much it cost). With the free option you can add a few campaigns (urls to brand). What you do is that you get your long and ugly affiliate URL and replace it (brand it) with a linkbrander url.

When you get your linkbrander url your url is “hidden” as they won´t know which program you are promoting before they click on your link. At the same time, you are showing ads for other linkbrander members on your affiliate site (not so good). But this way, your ads will have more options of being shown. Both to your direct referrals and to indirect referrals (depending on how many credits you have at linkbrander).

As you probably have guessed, LinkBrander has an affiliate option. You can build your downline (I think it´s 5 levels) and earn credits every time your members clicks ads (not sure how it works and how many credits you get, but you can probably read that yourself).

I haven´t used Linkbrander myself, but I might be testing it sometime soon.

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