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Let me tell you what I just bought

I received an offer that I just couldn’t resist. It was really just an e-book about how to build a “massive opt-in list with JV giveaways”, but when I looked closely, I found it to be way more interesting than “just another e-book”.

The e-book is written by Derrick Van Dyke, and it’s about how to build your list (as I just mention). But the reason I bought the e-book is because of the resale rights and the integrated affiliate system.

You just need to change a few things in the script, it takes about 2 minutes for a newbie, and you get to earn 100% of the sales and you can earn commission from various programs mentioned in the e-book as well (for instance AWeber and Getresponse).

And finally, you are not only learning how to build your opt-in list, you are actually building your optin list if you promote this e-book (only if you buy the resale rights).

I have just had time for a brief look at the e-book, and it seems to be ok. It looks like an e-book about how to make money and build an opt-in list from selling the e-book (just like many e-books, but the clue is the resale rights).

I don’t think that I would have bought the e-book without the resale rights, I have too many similar e-books.

I’ll review it soon.

Untill then, check out what I just bought; Derrick Van Dyke’s Giveaway Secrets.

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