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Let Go – it’s your choice

What’s your favorite thing in the whole world? What do you really enjoy doing? I started asking myself questions. I didn’t stop. I questioned everything I was doing. Why am I doing this? What’s the real reason behind my decisions?

When you’re looking at your life through a filter of questions, most likely you’ll see a different you. Soon, you’ll start to imagine a different life. You’ll see who you might become, and you’ll start to talk as the person you want to become.

That’s when things start changing – dramatically.

Look back at who you’ve been. Think; why.

Look at who you are, right now. Think; why.

It’s a state of mind.

You might consider yourself lucky. Life has rewarded you with a gold medal for your efforts – or, what you’ve done or who you’ve become, is based on circumstances.

It’s still a state of mind.

What you do, is your choice.

Sometimes, the best answer is to LET GO.

6 responses to “Let Go – it’s your choice”

  1. Hi Jens, Great questions. You’re right, answering questions such as these really can help us understand and define ourselves.

    I had to have a think about this. My two favorite things are writing The Wonder of Tech articles and playing racquetball. If I had to choose one, I would probably pick racquetball.

    Racquetball is very tough on the body so I know that I will have to quit someday. I appreciate my physical ability to play the game at the level I have achieved and that the time I get to play is limited.

    Writing for The Wonder of Tech I can do without limit. I can do this anywhere, at any time and at any age. The only thing that could stop me is if new tech ceases to be developed. I’m not too worried about that.

    I do consider myself to be very lucky, Jens. Blessed, in fact.

    How about you, Jens? What’s your favorite thing?

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I’ve never played racquetball, and I’m asking myself if it’s similar to what we call squash? I need to Google it and see if I understand what it is 🙂

      It’s awesome what you’ve accomplished Carolyn. The Wonder of Tech is an amazing blog and it keeps getting better each week.

      I am actually not really sure what my favorite thing is, but I am sure that it’s something about helping animals and people. I am way more social than I thought, and I really enjoy being around other people. But, what really makes me full of energy and happy, is when I can do some good and help people in need. So, that’s what I’ll be focusing on.

      – Jens

  2. Bren says:

    Hi Jens!

    I ask myself these questions quite often and usually when I do, it means I’m about to “change” or reinvent myself. Most recently when I asked, I decided to pursue my writing journey and today I’m proud to say, I published my very first fiction eBook! In order to do this though, I had to “let go” of the old me and pursue the happier new me.

    So I guess in essence I love reinventing myself. Is it a good thing or bad? I’m not sure but I sure have a fab time at doing it!

    How about you Jens?

    • That’s awesome Bren. I’m heading over to your place to get my copy.

      I love reinventing myself as well, and I have been going through some of the what I think you’ve been doing. I’ve published my first fiction e-book as well (it’s in Norwegian) and I have been going through some phases to find the happier me. Now, I know a lot more about myself and who I am. I know that I love animals and I love helping both animals and people in need, that’s what I’ll be focusing on.

  3. leanne denise says:

    Just seems surreal that I find you the day after I finally found my future by dealing straight on with feelings and unresolved words I found myself finally telling the person (s) that were in the root of why I was who I was, why I’ve had the heavy cross, yet was able to also include to the that I was not trying to put guilt on them, just needed :to explain their part in my problems, letting them I understand the “why?” Now its areally time for me! Who am I, where do I wanna be?

    A racecar driver, NASCAR with a

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