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My wife read a book by Leo Babauta

My wife decided to read a book by Leo Babauta. Then, it was my turn. The book turned into a journey. Discovering things I didn’t know about myself. Now. When I wake up in the morning, it feels like I’m living in a different house. Well. To be honest. It’s like a different life.

It started with a book by Leo Babauta, but now I’ve been reading about minimalism and simple living for the past four months. I’ve been following people who are living a meaningful life with less stuff. People like:

– Joshua Fields Millburn
– Ryan Nicodemus
– Joshua Becker and finally,
– Leo Babauta.

I have become inspired to simplify my life. So far, I have given away more than 800 books. I have given away most of my clothes. My CD’s, DVD’s and things that are no longer adding value to my life. I give to charity, to friends, and my father.

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  1. Danny Brown says:

    Hi mate,

    You should check out Brian Gardner’s No Sidebar project, lots of articles on minimalism and minimalist living:

    Funnily enough, he actually did the design over at Joshua Becker’s Beijing Minimalist site 🙂

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