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Learn How To Do Anything Using SuTree

I have just joined SuTree, actually, I have just joined SuTree as an expert on online marketing. I don’t feel like an expert at the field of online marketing, but when someone asks me if I’d like to be title an expert, well, it would be rude to say no

Take a look at my profile at SuTree (you need to be logged in to view it)

What is SuTree?

Instead of providing you with my own definition of what SuTree is, I will use the one from TechCrunch, SuTree is

a video aggregation service where users can add and categorize instructional videos from across the web, providing a directory of video that would often be buried under the weight of competing content on sites such as YouTube and MetaCafe

So, it’s a web 2.0 site, where users can communicate and upload videos and of course view the “how to” videos. It seems to be a great place to learn all kinds of stuff, not only things related to Internet marketing.

Why did I join SuTree?

I joined because I believe that SuTree is a very interesting site, and that I can help SuTree with content.

It’s actually fairly easy. If you find cool “how to” videos at YouTube or anywhere on the Internet, you can just provide the link and some description to SuTree and the video will be your contribution to the SuTree community.

And more than 33,000 videos have been indexed by SuTree as I am writing this.

Why instructional videos?

I think that instructional videos are very important; it’s probably the easiest way to learn anything online. I have tried reading long and detailed e-books, and I have tried listening to audios, but nothing comes close to video.

SuTree will (soon) have all the instructional videos you are looking for, and this alone will be something most people will appreciate. And of course, when you add features like Blackboard (like the Facebook wall), where other members can send you messages, SuTree seems to be a lot more interesting than similar services like Scouta (videos) and iLike (music).

It’s important to me that SuTree is all about instructional videos and not a service that will include all sorts of videos. And it’s important that they have editors (the members) that will help me (and all the other members) find the best instructional videos on each topic.

Let me give you an example

As I told you earlier, I haven’t been using SuTree for more than a few days. Well, today was actually the first day when I had the time to watch a few videos, and I published a comment as well.

I just found an interesting video about how to write a great email subject, and this is an example of videos you can find at SuTree.

Remember, it’s completely free to join SuTree.

The widget

If you look at my sidebar (on the right side of my blog), and scroll down at the bottom. There you’ll see that I have added a widget from SuTree. It will show interesting videos related to Online marketing. This is just a way to get more people interested in SuTree.

It’s time

If you find instructional videos interesting, then it’s time to join SuTree and then add me as your friend.

6 responses to “Learn How To Do Anything Using SuTree”

  1. Jens says:

    I have received answers from support. They didn’t say why it took almost a week to answer me, but they did provide a great answer.

    My guess is that they have received a lot of new members, and a lot of new questions, and that’s why it has taken them so long to answer them.

    … but that’s just my guess.

  2. Susan says:

    I have just sent a question, which is how I found this post looking for answers. I was wondering if anyone has tested the links in their emails? I just opted in to one of mine and it doesn’t work. So I opted into another one and that does work. Anyway I hope I don’t have to wait too long to find out what is wrong.

  3. Jens says:

    Hi Susan

    I have sent many questions to support and they have all usually been answered during 48 hours.

    What’s the deal with the broken link? Does the link work at all, or is it just the affilaite link that’s messed up?

  4. Susan says:

    Hi Jens,
    Thanks for replying so quickly! The link that didn’t work is in the 5 part email series that people receive. I signed up for Web 2.0 and clicked the link and got a page saying ‘This page does not exist.’ Unfortunately I cannot change the link in the emails, that I’m aware of. I was naturally concerned so signed up to ‘Operation Affiliate Storm’ The latter worked, but Web 2.0 didn’t.( I only just uploaded them to my own site, I was using theirs previously.) My affiliate link still works, so I know it’s a happening thing, but just not the email link. Now I don’t know whether to subscribe to all 20 bullets to check the email links!

  5. Jens says:


    I see. That sounds like a problem. Good thing that you reported it, because this is probably a problem for everybody and not just for yourself.

    I have only signed up for the follow ups on Affiliate Silver Bullet, and that part seems to work.

    – we are all losing commission if the links are not working. I really hope that this is only for the web 2.0 series.

    Please keep me updated regarding what you receive from support.


  6. Susan says:

    Ok I will. I watch my stats closely, and through signing up, there was no change to my latest figures. I’ve actually just submitted another ticket, to ask why. To date I have had signups, so all is not lost. Like you say, we don’t want to be losing any commissions! I’ll keep you posted.

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