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Learn All About AutoResponders

I had an earlier post where I wrote a short note regarding an e-book that I was thinking about buying. It was called Autoresponder Magic and is really a training course on how to “force” people to reach for their credit cards. So, in my quest for this book I finally found a great bargain. Not only did I get Autoresponder Magic, but I got several awesome bonuses as well, including:

I have just started to read AutoResponder Secrets Exposed and Autoresponder Magic, and they both are giving me stuff that I really can use to improve my skills. And I can’t believe the bargain I got and it included master reprint rights! When I sell it I get to keep 100% and if you are interested in autoresponders and how to really master them, you can get it very cheap as well (just because I got this incredible deal).

Read more about AutoResponder Secrets Exposed and how to get master reprint rights.

6 responses to “Learn All About AutoResponders”

  1. doug hiebert says:

    hi like what your saying gonna try some of your tips

  2. Dawud Miracle says:

    I have this on my todo list as well. I know that the best approach is the optimize meta tags and page titles for each of my pages. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Jens says:

    It was not that hard to get pretty good results for my meta tags according to the analyze (see the link above) for this blog, but for my new project it´s´a lot harder. I think it´s because I hardly have any content on the site.

    And from what I have been reading, it´s important that your tags are related to your site´s content.

  4. Hummerbie says:

    Good to see you working on the metatags, they can really bring in more visitors.

    But there is one problem with the plugin you use, ore maybe how you use it.

    If you look at your source code, you will find these important tags are embedded into comment

  5. Jens says:

    Thank you for your comments Hummerbie.

    Do you know of another plugin for wordpress that would be better or another way for me to use the plugin I already have?

  6. Jens says:


    I will uninstall my current plugin and install the one you suggests.

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