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Lead with optimism

I’ve been outside in the sun all day. I’ve been saying hi to every person I’ve met, and I’ve been talking to every single person who stopped and talked to me.

I have always thought that making someone smile, is one of the most important parts of life – and business. People will remember you if you make them smile. And, if you’re an optimist, people will want to be around you and follow you wherever you go.

That’s an important business lesson.

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We all love to be around people who start the day with a big smile and a hello. And we all want to be around people who start the day saying; what a beautiful day. We all love to be around people who’re saying; of course, we can do this.

The best leaders I’ve experienced, are the leaders who, no matter what, are always optimistic and tell me that they are proud of me, and that I have done an awesome job. I love feedback.

I always enjoy working with people who expect things to be great every time. I always enjoy working with people who expect to do better every single day.

I believe that what you expect, that’s what you’ll get.

8 responses to “Lead with optimism”

  1. Tim Bonner says:

    The best managers I’ve ever worked under were always optimistic but also knew when to give constructive criticism as well.

    The ones who constantly shouted or looked stressed just made everyone else feel stressed and it wasn’t conducive to having an enjoyable working environment or one that promoted a great work ethic!

    • That’s the same for me Tim. I need the feedback, and I really need them to tell me that things are going great, because that’s what they believe.

      How was your birthday, any pizza? 🙂

  2. I have always believed that optimism is the way of life. It always gives you reasons to keep your morals up. You definitely achieve a lot more when you have faith.

  3. Hi Jens,

    I like people who get things done, don’t point the finger and don’t gossip. I imagine you do too 😉

    • That’s true Craig. I really like it when people are optimistic, but if they are not getting things done, I’m the one that starts to feel a bit sad/irritated 🙂 So you’re absolutely right, I like to get things done.

  4. Aasma says:

    Agreed, If you always get positive feedbacks for your achievements, it always encourage you to do more better next time and keeps you motivated. I even worked under people who don’t appreciate your efforts and instead say it could be even better, sometimes it really hurts but that’s the nature of people you can’t do anything with it… instead adjust yourself accordingly.

    • Hi Aasma,

      I’ve worked for people like that as well. It’s really hard to work for people who are not giving the right feedback. We all need feedback, and if we’re optimistic, it’s a lot easier to get people to achieve more and get better results.

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