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The Lazy Town Caviar

Marketing campaigns by huge companies never stops to amaze me. It seems that they do almost anything in order to earn money. I just don’t get why they have to be targeting kids with their marketing.

I sort of understand why people selling toys need to get the attention of kids, but why do people selling food need it? Well, of course except for selling more and earning more money.

Let me give you the latest example from Norway. It’s the Lazy Town Caviar.

It’s the perfect caviar for kids. How can we buy any other caviar? What do you think will happen when I bring my daughter to the store and she sees this caviar? Well, except that she hates caviar.

To me, it’s easy to target kids with marketing, it’s probably the easiest way of marketing.

Make a “new” product based upon a popular TV show, and that’s it. The kids love it.

The question is, why are the authorities allowing it?

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