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Last cash received from Imvite

A few days ago I received my last commissions from Imvite. I really thought that this company was going to be very successful. It seems that they had everything. They had a great product, the Imvite messenger, and they had some very good deals with some big international companies, and they had some great services too.

Fortunately I didn´t invest a lot of money in this business opportunity. I realized after a few months that something was happening to the company. Updates didn´t come as often as usual, and nothing really happened for a while.

They promised us that we would see a lot of great things in a short while. But hey, isn´t that what they all say?

I am not sure if I would call it a scam or not. They closed the affiliate program down with only a month or two notice. A lot of people might have invested big amounts into this, I feel sorry for them.

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