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The Keyboard Shortcuts I use for Google Reader

I have been using Google Reader for a while, and it seems that the more I use it, the more I enjoy it and the more powerful it becomes. I use it every single day, to read hundreds of blog posts.

If you’re not using it, I suggest you start today, this is how you start using Google Reader.

Let me tell you about the keyboard shortcuts I’m using.

Reading blog posts

When I don’t have too many blog posts in the reader, I press J to skip to the next unread blog post on my list. When I press K it brings me back to the previous. This way it saves me a lot of time when I’m not just skimming through the headlines to add stars to the blog posts I’m going to read later on.

Selecting blog posts to read

When I have many blog posts in my reader, I use a different method.

The keys I use more than J and K, are 2, which brings me to the list view. Then I’ll go through the list using n to move down the list and p to move up the list. Using these shortcuts I just scan the list without opening any of the blog posts. When I find a blog post that I want to read, then I can hit enter, but I never do.

What I do is I add even more power and save more time when I use s to star and unstar the blog posts on the list.

Finally, I use shift a in order to mark all the blog posts as read.

Now, I move the cursor to the starred blog posts by using g then s. This way I get a list of all the starred posts. I move down the list using n and up the list using p (as I described earlier). I hit enter for the post I’m going to read, and I hit s when I want to unstar the blog post.

That’s how I use the shortcuts at Google Reader, I hope it makes sense.

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  1. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Key board shortcut is the best thing to make our work easy and faster..

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