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Just cancelled Affiliate Landmine

I joined a program called Affiliate Landmine about 14 days ago or so. The reason I joined it was simple. It was a month trial for $1 and it had the name Russell Brunson behind it. He is suppose to be one of the big online marketing gurus, and what can you get for $1? Well, I thought that I didn´t have anything to lose by checking out this program.

Today I cancelled my account, 14 days or so before my one month trial expires. I didn´t see the point of being a member for the whole month. It might be in a prelaunch without my knowledge, but I just couldn´t see what I was getting for my $1. The only thing I got was an RSS software, which I could get for free somewhere else (not exactly the same software, but probably a lot better).

Ok, this software might be something that I could give away to my readers, but why would I do that? Instead I could publish links to better software. As far as I can see (or read) I couldn´t earn any commissions from referring other people to this site.

I haven´t used it at all for the first 14 days. I read some of the news inside the members area, it said that a lot of stuff will be launching soon. And it might be some exciting news coming our way from this program soon, but why launch it this early? I can´t seem to figure out why someone would stay with this at the moment. The second month (after the $1 trial expires), the monthly cost is $19.95.

Read more about Affiliate Landmine.

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