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Just Bought RapidWeaver

This weekend I bought a new software for webpublishing called RapidWeaver. It has a free trial, and I usually try new software for the full period before I decide if I am going to buy it. With RapidWeaver it was different. This software was so easy to understand and it was so incredible easy to publish to the Internet, I just couldnĀ“t resist it.

It took me about five to ten minutes before I realized how great this software was. I am not an expert at all, and I am not earning any profits from telling you this. RapidWeaver is click and type, it has several very nice templates and you can choose from a list of various types of pages to insert. Standard page styles include Blog, Contact Form, File Sharing, HTML, Movie Album, Photo Album, Styled Page (WYSIWYG), Quicktime and more.

Are you experienced and would like to make your website unique and very complex, this might not be for you. But for the rest of us, this sofware is just awesome. After just about 10 minutes with this software, I published my newsletter with it.

It has only one downside. It is only compatible with Mac. Either you buy a Mac (like I have) or you have to find yourself another software.

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