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It’s (not) art

It’s 5 am. I’m in the kitchen, looking outside at the birds and the fluffy cat with the silly name. It has become a habit. 5 am, and the cat’s always there.


I’m waiting for the water to boil.

tear drop

I’m asking myself questions, at the same time as I’m trying to remember the name of the cat (I know it’s a silly name, that’s all).

Do I need to start the day planning, planning everything I’m about to do? What about structure, is that something I should be adding as I’m about to start writing my first sentence?

How should we get started? And, how should we end?

I don’t believe there’s a YES to everything when it comes to doing or when it comes to writing. There’s no simple truth. Maybe there’s not even any truth at all? I’m not sure.

I’ve always asked my teachers questions they’re not familiar with. In return, they’ve always been looking over my shoulder to see what I’ve been up to.

I’m about to have a conversation about what we’re going to do for our summer vacation. Not this early, but later today. I’m telling myself that it shouldn’t be that difficult to decide… It shouldn’t be that difficult. The cat still there, and so are the birds. The water is boiling. And, I want the summer vacation to be… different.

If my dad tells me that something is not difficult, he usually replies; it’s not art! That’s his way of saying that what I’m about to do is not that hard (even I can do it).

It’s (not) art

There are many different systems and tools. I’m using some of them for blogging. The newest system I’m using is Postmatic. I read tips, tricks, and new tools frequently. It’s not that I end up being like everyone else, but we’re using the same things.

There are many ways of doing things, and usually I’m doing most of them the same way as everyone else. There are different ways to write a blog. I’m doing it the only way I know – my way. But, it’s not really that different.

I published the first draft of the story; a single tear makes all the difference in the world, without any feedback. It felt different, at the time when I published it. But, I’m not that sure anymore.

Now, ready for a cup of green tea, I’m thinking about why the smallest things sometimes seems to be the hardest to figure out.

Do we need to plan the vacation? Let’s just start driving …

12 responses to “It’s (not) art”

  1. Hi Jens,

    Nice little changes on your blog, especially the commenting system too that I’ve seen a few other bloggers use too. I am sure you’re liking it 🙂

    Love the ease with which you write – and yes, with Summer’s round the corner, don’t we all want a little get-away time with our kids and families. Mine are going to have their vacations soon too.

    Need to check out Postmatic soon after this – yes it certainly will increase the engagement but perhaps not the time on site as much.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      I have been changing the look on my blog way too often, it seems that I just can’t decide on how it should look. At the moment, I feel that this is how it should be (but I changed it just two days ago, so I might decide on something different again).

      We’re discussing the summer vacation and we’re still not sure what we’ll be doing or where we’re going to travel. We’re hopefully going to decide during next week. We want the kids to have a summer they’re going to remember and one that will be a lot of fun. On the other hand, it’s hard to do something that everyone in the family is 100% happy with.

      I am sure you would love Postmatic Harleena. I have only been using it for a short while, but I really like how easy it is to turn a blog post into a conversation. Have you tried to comment or reply to a comment via email yet?

      Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Hi Jens,

    Interesting post. Sounds like my own musings, except for the tea..I drink coffee lol.

    I have not heard of postmatic, but I’ll give it a peek. Although I love blogging and commenting, it just takes tons of time.

    Thanks Jens for the tip,


    • Hi Donna, I’m sure you’d love Postmatic. Right now I’m replying to your comment via my iPhone (and email). It feels great doing it, and most of the time it helps turn the comments into a conversation. It’s much easier to me to have a conversation via email than to keep revisiting a website and the same article. Is that the same for you?

  3. Tim Bonner says:

    Sometimes I think I should be more spontaneous but then again I hate spontaneous. I always want to know where I am and what I’m doing.

    Before we had kids, my wife and I once drove down to South Wales for a few days without knowing where we were going to stay. I’m not sure I’d do that now!

    • That’s exactly it Tim. I’d love to do that, but I’m a bit scared to do it when the kids are with us, even though I’m sure it would be a lot of fun.

      • Tim Bonner says:

        I guess a tent is always an option :-).

        • We’re actually going to buy a tent in a few weeks 🙂

          We’ve been camping for many years using a tent trailer. Is that something you’re familiar with?

          • Tim Bonner says:

            My wife keeps talking about going camping. We don’t have a tent yet but I suspect we may get one.

            I’ve heard of tent trailers, yes. Interesting idea. I haven’t seen them around for some time though. Caravans are very common here in the UK and often clog up the roads on bank holiday weekends!

  4. Pizza Man says:

    Writing is art, but I am biased about that. 🙂

    I ask lots of questions too. Sometimes I think we are the ones who make our lives more complicated by asking questions we already know the answers too.

    • Absolutely. Writing is art (and I’m biased about that as well).

      I agree as well when it comes to that we’re making our lives more complicated. I wish we could just do things without thinking so much about them. For instance, like the vacation Tim wrote about. Don’t plan anything just drive and see what happens …

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