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It’s Never Too Late To Tweet

I had very little time. I was suppose to meet a friend in less than ten minutes, and it was at least a fifteen minute walk – if walking fast.

The reason I was late, was due to a problem with my wife’s iMac. It wouldn’t start. The only thing that happened after she pushed the power button was a white screen.

I did a quick search on Google, and discovered the name “white screen of death”. It seemed fairly common, although I couldn’t find a solution. I have to give credit to Google, I had very little time.

Now, walking fast down the hills from our house, I entered Tweetie on my iPhone. Out of desperation, I published a tweet within two minutes while still walking. I just entered please help, I’m experiencing the white screen of death on my iMac.

A few songs later, out of breath and sweaty, I entered Tweetie. I had received a possible solution from a guy from Florida. It all happened within ten minutes.

Now, all I wanted was to get back home and test if it would work.

It worked.

I remember the story like it happened yesterday. Every time people ask me the question, why they should use Twitter , this story comes to my mind.

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