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It should be all about you

I listened in on a seminar call a few days ago, this call was about what you should be promoting on traffic exchanges. First, I have to give all the credits to SWAT traffic and Jon Olson. They have some amazing calls and I have learned a lot already, even though I haven´t been a member for long. What has been so great is that I never get to actually attend the calls live, because I live in Norway, but they have recorded all the calls in mp3 for everybody to download (you have to be a paid member to get access).

So, what I learned from the latest call was that I should only focus on promoting myself on all traffic exchanges. It´s all about me, me, me and not about the company that I represent. This is where many people make mistakes. They promote a generic splash page from their companies (GDI for example), this way all leads is collected by GDI and not by the person doing the promoting. And once he or she leaves GDI all their leads might be lost forever (but GDI will still have them).

And we will never know who the person behind the marketing was… You should gain trust in the market and you should provide them with your picture so everybody can recognize who you are. Promote yourself first, then your company. It´s pretty easy (maybe not in real life though).

You promote yourself and your site first. Then when a person coming from a traffic exchange clicks on your ad (the ad promoting yourself and your own site), they will be taken to a place where they leave their name and e-mail address. This way you collect their information and not your company. Finally, when you have their contact information, you contact them with your business opportunity. It can be GDI at the moment, but if you chose to go with another company later on, you still have their contact information and you can ask them to join your new opportuniy.

Does this make sense at all? To me it made perfect sense, but the guys over at SWAT traffic are so good at both promoting and talking, now wonder why they are having success.

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