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IQTELL – my favorite productivity system

I have been using IQTELL for a few weeks. I’ve been using the free trial. But, it has already become my favorite productivity app. I didn’t think that it wouldn’t be much against Todoist. I still think Todoist is an awesome system, but I’ve already made the switch to IQTELL.

IQTELL - overview

I’m always working on improving my methods. It’s part of how I’m adjusting my business, and how I get more things done. I enjoy the process, and I’m learning something new every single day.

The reason I switched to IQTELL

At first, I was just curious about what I’ve heard. IQTELL is the most amazing productivity system I’ve ever used. I trust my friends, and social proof is more important than ever. My friend told me I had to join the free 60 day trial. I really like guarantees like that. 60 days of use without paying. I was becoming a fan even before trying IQTELL.

There are at least 6 reasons why I’ve made the switch, and why I continue to be a huge fan of the productivity system.

Let me tell you the details.

IQTELL has an awesome Email client

I’ve been using a lot of email clients, and I’m always switching back to Apple Mail. But, not this time. Adding all my email clients to to IQTELL was very fast and easy, even my Exchange accounts. I have added 5 email accounts, and it works great. I have control of email, with filters and short cuts. The design looks great, and it just feels right.

It integrates with all my calendars

I have added a lot of things to my calendar. I add “everything” with a date and time to it. I’m using both iCal and Fantastical, and usually, I need to open a new application to get an overview of my schedule. Now, it’s included in IQTELL. I can see all my different calendars, in the sidebar or in the full view. It makes things so much easier to get a good overview of my tasks, projects and the things I have scheduled.

Evernote is always just a click away

I’ve written about how I use Evernote before. IQTELL has Evernote integrated in a way that makes me take more advantage of all the various options in Evernote. I archive my most important e-mail, I search for my notes, everything is happening inside IQTELL. That’s one of the major reasons why I wanted to try IQTELL in the first place. Evernote is now one of my most important tools, for writing and for my business.

IQTELL is available on web and mobile

I need a web version and a mobile version of the software I use daily. I’m at the office, but I’m also a lot working from close to anywhere it’s possible to be working. The mobile app I am using for iPhone works great. It has everything included, and it’s easy to add new tasks, get a good overview of my daily tasks and future tasks, and read and reply to email. In short, it makes me stay productive even when I’m “on the run.”

Search everything

It took me awhile to discover that it’s possible to do a search for everything at the same time. It’s just brilliant. Now, from everywhere inside IQTELL, I can do a search for keywords and I’ll get things from Evernote, from all my email accounts, my tasks, projects and my calendar.

Easy to use and complex at the same time

At first, I wasn’t sure how to use the system. It looked very complex, a different from all the other productivity systems I’ve been using before. I had to take a look at all the tutorials and videos before I started using it correctly. I’m not sure that I had to go through all the tutorials first, but I thought it was the safest thing to do. Now, I find it easy to use, but at the same time it has some really advanced features that makes it easy to scale. I believe it’s good way for me to improve in both business and productivity by using a system that challenges me to find new ways to use it.

17 responses to “IQTELL – my favorite productivity system”

  1. Jan van Veldhuizen says:

    An inspiring article! I am also a very enthusiastic user of IQTell, both on my laptop and my Android tablet. The only thing I am really missing is an offline version of the Web app. I have never seen Todoist, but I don’t have any temptation to go and have a look at it 🙂

  2. Barry McAlister says:

    I too really like IQtell for the same reasons. I don’t use it full time due to the poor contact/company manager. If you notice there are never any video’s promoting this area of IQtell. Just think how great this product would be if they spend some time developing the CRM features, it would be the total package!

    • Hi Barry,

      I agree more CRM features would be great. But, at the same time, I’m a little skeptical, I don’t want IQTell to be too complex. Like now, I’m thinking about using it together with my wife. She would only be using it for actions and sharing a project with me, and the actions inside the project. I’m not sure if she’ll only see the actions, or if she’ll see everything else – if so, she won’t be using it, that’s for sure 🙂

  3. Rui Rego says:

    I’m also a big user and fan of IQTELL!

    it’s the best GTD app ever! it changed my life.

    best thing is that it’s getting better and better, that to the IQTELL team, and the inputs from the forum members.


    • Hi Rui,

      Thanks for your comment. I find new ways to use IQTell and it’s becoming a more powerful tool for me every week. I still have a lot to learn, and I’m watching the videos and reading the tutorials to find out how to be able to use it even better.

  4. Jeff says:

    Could you elaborate on what specific advantages IQTell has over Todoist other than the direct email and Evernote integration? I’m coming from the opposite direction having demoed Todoist. IQTell looks more feature rich but I like to do Project Collaboration and in the business world, Todoist is MUCH more commonly used so its easier to ask people to collaborate using a tool they are already familiar with or at least the interface is simple looking and not too daunting.

    • Hi Jeff,

      I believe IQTell has one major advantage, but it’s also a disadvantage. And, it’s the direct email and Evernote integration. I have switched to Omnifocus, mostly because I discovered that every time I was doing a task in IQTell I just couldn’t stop checking my email and doing things that was not on my priority list (like adding new information in Evernote ..).

      I really like IQTell, but I discovered that I need a system that’s doesn’t have direct integration. And, since I don’t work in teams at the moment and I need a link back to my emails (Todoist didn’t have this when I switched) from my tasks, I decided to switch to Omnifocus. IQTell is the most feature rich GTD system I’ve tested and the iOS app is great. You can use it for teams as well, but it might be too complex for many. It takes a while to learn, and like you said Todoist is much more commonly used and many won’t be switching or be using two system (if you’re not very interested in GTD and testing new tools).

      I’d stay with Todoist if that works for you, even though I really like IQTell as well.

  5. Arjan says:

    Thanks for explaining so well. I can’t agree more.

  6. Arjan says:

    True, but IQTELL and it’s community are doing their outmost best to keep it from the necessity to shut down. Currently there is a very promissing lead towards Evernote. Updates will follow.

    Btw, if you happen to use Evernote, you may want to post a request on their forum.

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