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Is iPhone a Bloggers Best Friend?

I am about to buy a new mobile phone, it’s going to happen sometime during the month of October.

At the moment, I am not sure which mobile phone I should buy. There are so many phones, and there are new ones arriving in the stores as I am writing this. But one mobile phone has been more interesting than all the others, and that’s of course the iPhone.

I am using an iMac at home and an iMac at work, and I am listening to music with my iPod. I am not sure if I will ever let go of Apple, because it seems that I am buying more and more products from them, and I am becoming more and more impressed.

The iPhone is currently at the top of my “wish list”, and the reason for this is not just the design. I think the design is awesome, but the real reason I have sort of “fallen in love” with the iPhone is all the applications – especially the wordpress application.

If I buy the iPhone, I can blog from anywhere. And I promise you, I will.

I have never tested the phone or blogging using a mobile phone, but it looks easy (LOL). There are probably many mobile phones I can use for blogging, but I am not sure if there are any with a wordpress application like the one for iPhone.

Do you know about any similar applications, or any mobile phones that I should consider buying, or should I just buy the iPhone?

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