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The Invisible Man and His Passion

I’m at the semi final of Swedish Idol. Me and ten thousand kids. They’re loud; screaming, yelling, shouting names.

I don’t know why I’m here or how I got here. I’m not drunk and it’s not my bachelor party. It’s live TV, we’re the audience.

The guy on stage are looking for a man to entertain during the commercial break. As I’m looking up, he is standing next to me, with a grin and a microphone in his right hand.

This really happened. Well, almost. The part where I was at Swedish Idol yesterday is true, the rest of the story is my imagination. I always get nervous when I’m attending large events. It’s not that I believe that it will happen, but what if?

Sometimes I wish I had a different DNA, much like Gary Vaynerchuck. I’ve just finished reading his brilliant book Crush it!, where he tells the story about how he started his famous Wine Library TV, and how we all should cash in on our passion.

Oh, I don’t know if this book will be of any help. I think I’m too shy.

It’s kind of hard to cash in on your passion when all you want to do is to be invisible. All I could think of was please keep the microphone away – as ten thousand kids were screaming the names of their idols and reaching out for the cameras.

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