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Introducing the Living Ad Shirt

I think its just a matter of time before new technology makes it possible (well, its probably already possible) for us to all wear Google ads on our T-shirts. Like our websites today, many have Google ads (adsense) as an integrated part of their dynamic content. These ads are updated continuously from the Google servers.

The Living Ad Shirt might be very similar. An all white T-shirt (or whatever color you prefer), with one or two ads. You get paid for wearing it. The ads change every hour or depending on where you go. For example if you travel to another country (or other part of the city for that matter), your T-shirt might notice this and your ads will change depending on your audience.

The problem with this future scenario is how to earn commissions from this. Should people earn commissions just for wearing the shirt, or is there a way to earn commissions by tracking clicks from a specific shirt? The mobile technology have already made it possible to surf the Net and buy from the Net using a PDA or a mobile phone. With some extra developments it might be possible to actually point and click on the Living Ad Shirt 🙂

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