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Introducing Linkcrews

About a week ago or so I stumbled onto a new traffic exchange called Linkcrews. Their site was informative and like most of the traffic exchanges, it was free to join. I thought why not? I joined and started surfing. At the time about 8000 people had joined before me. I didn´t expect a lot from it, other than looking at other sites and earning points.

I soon realized that Linkcrews was a little different than the other exchanges I have used, well, maybe except for at least one. What they have done is that all members have to describe their site(s). In order to earn points, we have to first click on the description of the site before we actually see the site. This way, your site will get more exposure than if you would only be clicking on numbers like on other traffic exchanges.

And they have a system with crews, where you get awarded points related to the crew you are in. For instance, if you have surfed many sites in a week, you might be in crew 3. This is how Linkcrews explains the concept of crews:

How do the Crews work?

This system has been designed to reward those who are more active. The more sites you view, people you refer, and credits you buy, the more tokens and points you will get. Again, tokens are exchanged for visitors. Points, on the other hand, help you climb the Crew Ladder into a higher Crew.

Your goal should be to get in the highest Crew you possibly can, for as long as you can. The higher Crew you are in, the more tokens you will earn for each site you view. On top of that, if you can make it into the top 20 Crews, you will get a piece of the weekly Jackpots as well.

The way you get into a Crew is simple. Points. So the more you surf, the more points you get. The more you refer, the more points you get. The more tokens you buy, the more points you get. You also get weekly points for being upgraded. To get into a higher Crew, do more of those things! In the “Crew Statistics” tab, you will see exactly what Crew you are in, how many points you have, and how many more points you need to get into the next Crew.

I am very satisfied with how Linkcrews work, and I believe that I will be using it in the weeks/months ahead…

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