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Introducing Book of the Month

I am reading several books every single month. Well, that might not surprise you, but what I thought would be interesting for you, is what kind of book I recommend that you read each month. I have called it Book of the month.

Since I am reading several books, sometimes as many as 10, but usually 2, and many of them are related to Internet marketing, I would think that you should be interested in my thoughts. At least, I would be interested if someone offered to recommend one book each month.

Now, I will be posting the first book of the month in November, not sure of the date yet, but probably during the first week. And of course, I’ll try to write a decent argument related to why this is the book of the month.

What I am not so sure about yet, is if I should only include Internet Marketing books, or all sorts of books, or just a few categories of books. That’s really a hard question to answer.

My blog is first and foremost related to Internet Marketing, but on the other hand, I like it to be personal. I like to share my thoughts, ideas and taste, with you as my reader. I have done so many times in the past, like when I recommended books like The Last Lecture, Yes Man, and Lord of the Barnyard.

What I am thinking at the moment is that most of my other interests should be posted at Protein High Foods, my lifestyle blog, and that Book of the Month should be all about Internet Marketing / Internet / Blogging / Marketing related or at least fairly related to the topic of Marketing. But, as I just told you, I am not really sure yet, and I have at least a week to decide what to do.

I have even paid a designer to create three very cool banners for the Book of the Month project, this way, a lot more of my readers (people just stopping by to read one post) will see it and might get interested.

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