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Introducing BlogJuice

I just heard of this neat tool from Text Link Ads a few minutes ago. I tried it and it both looked cool and it worked, or at least it seems to work. I have not been studying my numbers, but I received them and it seems to be kind of easy to compare.

So, what is BlogJuice all about?

Well, it´s a calculator which is comparing your blog to other’s based on rss subscribers, Alexa, and Technorati rank and links. If you get a high score (you have many subscribers and many people are linking to you), then you are doing a good job. I am not quite sure how I can use BlogJuice to make my blog any better. It seems that a BlogJuice of 10 is the best, a few blogs has above 9. But even though you get a score… how do you make it better?

So, I know that my blog can be a lot better. I only received a BlogJuice score of 1.7, but that only means that I have to get a better ranking at Alexa, Technorati and more people subscribing to my feeds at Bloglines? And why are they only using Bloglines, not any of the other rss services? Well, I have no clue other than Bloglines being a very popular subscription service.

Anyway, BlogJuice seems to be a cool service where you can compare your blog ranking to your competitors. But I am still not sure how to use it to make my blog any better.

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