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Internet Marketing Mistake – Listbuilding

One of the earliest Internet marketing mistakes I did, was not building a list. I even remember that I started focusing on building a list, but quit and lost my list of about 200 people, only to find myself building a list from scratch.

I am writing an e-book about Why we suck at Internet Marketing, and it’s all about the mistakes we make and how to avoid making them.

So, build your list and keep building it.

It doesn’t matter which business you’re in as long as you are involved with Internet marketing, you should focus on listbuilding.

There are many ways to use your list, I am not telling you what’s wrong or right (at least not yet) when it comes to using your list. I am just telling you that you should always build your list, because your list is also your relationship to people with similar interests. And your relationship is your business.

I am using AWeber to keep in touch with my list, I have done that for a long time; I just wish I had done it since day 1.

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  1. Heather Allen says:

    This is really very useful, thanks. I have seen this often, even used it myself without even realising what I was doing. Now I have it as another tool in my box.

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