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Internet marketing explained in two steps

If you just get two steps to explain how to market your business, or how to make a sale online, I would focus on the following:

1) Get new potential customers

Your ad/sales message should be delivered to people who haven’t seen it or read it earlier. This can be done in many different ways, for example by using safelists, traffic exchanges, buying leads, using adwords and so on.

2) Persuade your potential customers.

After they have seen your ads, they need to be reminded that you are there, that your business or your product is the best one. This is how you get your sale. Be persistent and become personal. There are also many different ways to do this, for example by talking to them or sending them e-mail.

Many people involved in Internet marketing are only concentrating on getting new customers. After their potential customers receive their ads, nothing more happens. Your ads have to be really good if they are going to sell the first time a person see or read it. Usually they want to know more, either by reading it online or communicating with a person.

Don’t underestimate the number two, persuading people to try your products are probably just as important as sending your ad to new potential customers. You need both, it doesn’t matter if you are the best to persuade people if you don’t get any new potential customers.

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