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Internet Marketing and Plagiarism

Yesterday I was attending a seminar with Jude Carroll about plagiarism. She was talking about how and why students at colleges and universities are plagiarizing.

This excellent seminar got me thinking.

Her definition of plagiarism was the following (it was really KU Leuven, 2007):

Plagiarism is any identical or lightly altered use of someone elses work (ideas, texts, structures, images, plans etc) without adequate reference to the source

What do you think about Private Label Rights (PLR) and plagiarism, and what about Master Resell Rights?

I am not really sure, but with Master Resell Rights, are you selling someone elses work as your own? Or are you just selling someone elses work, and you got the reference to the creator / author?

When it comes to PLR, I think it seems rather obvious that it’s plagiarism. Because it doesn’t matter if the person behind the original articles sells it, earns money from it and agrees that the whole world can use the articles. If you use any identical or lightly altered versions of someone else’s work it’s plagiarism.

It’s a good thing that we are not attending a university 🙂

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