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Internet Marketing 101 from Bob Parker

One of my readers contacted me yesterday and told me about a free e-book he had written. The name of the e-book is Bob Parker`s Internet Marketing 101, and it was Bob that contacted me. He asked me if I could read it and do a review here at slymarketing, and of course I said yes.

I am very eager to do reviews, and if you have a product, please just contact me and I will read it and review it. And it usually doesn`t take me more than 1 or 2 days. I do it completely free, and you might get some extra clicks from it.

Now, from Bob`s title you might already understand what the e-book is all about. Internet Marketing 101 is about how to get started with Internet Marketing, and it`s an e-book for beginners. It got 20 pages in total, but the last one is blank and the first page is the cover, so you really don`t need to read more than 18 pages. It didn`t take me more than 20 minutes or so, maybe even less. It was an easy read, and Bob did a good job writing (even though I found some grammar mistakes here and there).

The e-book is for beginners, but I found some interesting stuff that I didn`t actually know. If you have been involved with Internet Marketing for months or years, you might find some references that you could use, at least I did.

Bob Parker got his own voice when he is writing, he entertains you and he tells you his story. How he got started and what he is doing in order to be successful at Internet Marketing.

He starts out with information about finding your niche and that you need to be passionate about the niche, and continues with setting goals and how his first goal was earning $1 a day.

His e-book is short (only 18 pages to read), so he can`t tell you everything in details, maybe the next version will. So when he writes about how to set up a website and how you should be about doing your design and how to get started with affiliate marketing, you will not get all the help you need, but you will learn what you should be looking out for and where to find important resources, and for some people that might be enough.

I found it interesting when he wrote about knowing your customers and consistency, he his absolutely right that it takes both time and effort to become successful online. But one of the most interesting chapters of his e-book was the one about keywords and Search Engine Optimization, he even shows an example of an optimized article and links to some great resources.

Bob did a great job with this short e-book, and you know what, you don`t need to sign up for it. You can just visit his site at and download the pdf.

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