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Internet Marketers and Time Travel

Yesterday I had an interesting thought.

What would I have done if I could have travelled to the future and then back again? Do you remember the movie, actually it was a triology, Back to the future starring Michael J. Fox? If you do, you probably understand what I am talking about, well, even if you don’t remember the movies, you probably understand what I am talking about.

My thoughts were surrounded by the same options that I would guess most people would have on their mind on a journey like that.

But first, should I go back in time or should I go to the future?

I am really not sure.

If I had just one time travel and I could sort of predict the future, should I just find the lotto numbers and come back home and play the lotto?

That’s probably the number one option for most people thinking about time travel, and probably the easiest way to become rich.

Or maybe it would be to see what I have become sometime in the future? That would be interesting too or maybe it would spoil all the fun of living? Would it be that interesting to someday wake up and actually know what to expect of the future?

If I could go back in time, I would probably find a problem and try to fix it. At the moment, I am not sure what sort of problem I would fix, but there are probably a lot of things I could have done different myself and a lot of things I could try to fix to make the world a better place to live.

If I had the choice of one time travel, I am not sure which year I would have chosen. It would be hard to pick one, and it would be hard to find out what I wanted to do.

I am actually not sure if I would have wanted to go on a time travel even if I could. I am not sure if I would want to know anything about the future, even if it could mean less trouble or more money. I am not sure if I would go back in time and fix some of the things I regret doing. Messing up is a part of life, and I do learn from my mistakes.

Towards the end of the time travel thoughts of the evening, some new interesting thoughts appeared.

Are Internet marketers different when it comes to time travelling thoughts? Do you think that an Internet marketing professional or maybe even an Internet marketing amateur would have done anything different than a “normal” person if he could time travel?

Maybe an Internet marketer would have tried to solve some Internet marketing problems or think of a brand new way to advertise on the Internet or some kind of amazing new product, instead of just play the lotto or go back in time and fix some personal problems.

It would be interesting to know. Would an Internet marketer think about Internet marketing even on his journey back in time or sometime in the future, or would his thoughts be somewhere else?

Interesting or not, they are still my thoughts.

8 responses to “Internet Marketers and Time Travel”

  1. John Kohr says:

    Sounds interesting keep me posted on your testing of this service and how it turns out for you.Also how did 3in7 finally turn out?

  2. Jens says:

    Hi John,

    I have been looking more at Viral Url and it seems to be a very interesting system, but I am still not sure if it will work that well as a way to advertise your stuff. This is because of the other ads on your viral url bar.

    But I am going to test it iusing my new report at my newsletter… starting in a few days.

    The 3in7 system did not work for me at all, I only received one signup and cancelled it a long time ago.

  3. Martin says:

    Hi Jens,

    I am a member of ViralURL and yes, I agree, it is a very interesting system.

    Personally I do not find that the ViralURL bar distracts (or detracts) from what you are promoting.

    I have had clicks on my ads that have appeared on others ViralURL bar though. I guess if the ad copy is better on the ViralURL bar than on the page you are promoting then it could distract the attention of the viewer.

    But you don’t just have to use ViralURL to cloak your affiliate links, use it on all your links, if anyone signs up via the link on your ViralURL bar they will be placed in your downline so you will be able to email them time and time again, this feature far out ways the fact that the bar is there in the first place.

    Great blog by the way.


  4. John Kohr says:

    Sorry to get back so late but thanks for the reply back definetly saved me from wasting my time on 3in7 thanks a million!
    John Kohr

  5. Eileen says:

    Has anyone checked out how ViralURL compares to ListJoe? They are both list builders, but I am unsure which is a better program for building a list quickly. Any suggestions?

  6. Greg Burrus says:

    Hey Guys a year later and same question appears – everyone seems to be using viiral url – question i have is like xocal – John said above why not just cloak your own links,And advertise yourself .

    Now I understand the benefit of clicks from other peoples links… I just don’t understand why i would advertise VIRAL URL and not my own business links to brand my own business.

    It seems good and bad i guess.

    However isnt the cloaked link theirs and not mine. If you, I stop using the service? Well aren’t all those links still sitting out there in internet land advertising their viralurl business and not yours or my business ?
    … hmm just not sure which one outweighs the other,

  7. GISELE C. DIAS says:


    If they don’t have a personal problem with me the system doesn’t work at all.

    Once they cloak your affiliates links the address doesn’t open.

    You promote your links through viral url and it doesn’t work. You lose your time.

    I hope my problem will be solved someday and I will give to their system my congratulations!

  8. Ryan says:

    I use viral url and it is great. I get about 10 leads per mailing and have been converting sales as well in the couple months I have been using it; I recommend the upgrades; get better at copy writing and your headlines are key!

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