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Internet Business Opportunity Scams Exposed

Today I received a press release about “the truth behind the hype – Internet business opportunity [tag]scams[/tag] exposed”. I thought that this title looked really interesting, so I started to read. During the first lines, it still looked really interesting. The press release itself was an interesting read, to me this looked like a great resource for all us business opportunity seekers.

But when I clicked the link, I was taken to a site that looked like it was selling another [tag]business[/tag] or e-book. It says that you will get the [tag]e-book[/tag] completely free, but to me this looks like another way for this person (the author) to get a hold of your contact information.

I have no idea if this is what it actually is, maybe he is sincere and that he is giving away some great information to you. I have not read the ebook and I have not submitted my contact information.

You can do it yourself at

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